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·3 mins
react openai aws typescript projects hackathon featured
Making sketchy situations & quick escapes more safe with realistic AI phone calls. Grand Prize - Third Place winner at WildHacks 2024.


·3 mins
projects unity csharp game design overture featured
A video game for music students designed to reduce burnout and make practice fun. Now available on Steam!
Willow's Quest
·2 mins
projects unity csharp game design rpg
A cat’s adventure to find their little gelatin friend. Features a nonlinear questing system and turn-based combat.


·1 min
projects unity csharp northwestern game design
A 3D horror escape game rendered with PS1-style graphics. Bake the perfect cake or die trying.
VastWaste & Mind The Debris
·3 mins
projects unity csharp vr featured
A VR based art installation showcasing the detrimental effects of space and marine debris. Featured at ISEA2022, SIGGRAPH, and Piksel Festival!
RAISO Presentations
·2 mins
A collection of talks I’ve given for RAISO, an organization promoting responsible AI usage.
·3 mins
projects bedwars java spigot mysql jenkins plugin minecraft featured
A version of the Hypixel server’s popular Bedwars gamemode, recreated from scratch and updated to use new Minecraft features.
Northwestern Minecraft Server
·5 mins
projects minecraft server northwestern featured
A multi-year Minecraft survival server tailored for the Northwestern community.


The Abbey: A Fallout 2 Mod
·7 mins
projects fallout fallout 2 modding bis mapper featured
A mod that attempts to recreate cut content from Fallout 2. Based heavily on the book A Cancticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr.