VastWaste and Mind the Debris are two versions of the same project I worked on as part of a research grant for Summer 2021. I worked under Prof. Ozge Samanci, an artist and instructor at Northwestern University. I did a lot of programming and implementation, including building the projection system, creating visual effects, and other miscellaneous features.

Humans once perceived oceans as boundless, and thus impossible to pollute – until we created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The same pattern is now repeating in outer space. VastWaste is a data-driven, projection art installation that illuminates the parallels and interplay between marine pollution and space debris. It can also be experienced in Virtual Reality.

The principal difference between these pieces is that Mind the Debris uses a HTC Vive with attached EEG sensors. The sensor data gets sent over to Unity and impacts parts of the installation, including music and collisions. The VastWaste version uses other sources of data to handle debris timing and frequency, such as ocean currents and Twitter data.

Details, pictures, and more information about this piece can be found on Ozge Samanci’s website (hyperlinked above). I will not do a full writeup here like I usually do for my projects since she has already covered most of the information I would usually include!


VastWaste has been featured at several international media arts festivals, including but not limited to:

6/13/2022 27th International Symposium of Electronic Art, Barcelona, ES
8/11/2022 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, BC 10/17/2022 20th Piksel Festival for Electronic Art, Bergen, NO

Press coverage & publications

6/14/2022 Terrassa Digital
6/25/2022 Association for Computing Machinery