I am currently a software engineer for Overture Games where I am helping develop our first release title, Intervallic. It aims to make music practice for students by fun by gamifying practice and giving them goals to hit while practicing their instruments. The game supports audio input through MIDI and microphone, and will work with many instruments and vocals. Players must play the correct notes to advance through levels and can play certain intervals to activate special abilities or mechanics.

I’ve gotten to build a lot of really cool tech for this game. I’m working on a level generator/builder that can create custom levels out of MIDI files so users can play their own music as levels. I’ve also learned a lot more about audio processing through working on our pitch tracking system. I’ve been working on a native C#/.NET port of neural network pitch tracker CREPE. (If anyone would like to chip in, check out the repo). And of course I have learned a ton about software development in a business context, agile development, etc. It has been a really cool opportunity.

Overture is a small team of 5 people, so I often get to wear a lot of hats. Depending on the day I might act as a writer, producer, business analyst, technical designer, QA tester, or many other critical roles in game and software development. It’s been a really awesome way to explore all of the different sides of the industry and helps me be a more well-rounded developer!

Here’s a bit of concept art until I have the go-ahead to post more final content:


Concept art courtesy of the wonderful and talented Erin Park!

Release information

Check out our latest demo, available for free this February on Steam and itch!

An early release version with more content is planned for later this year. In the meantime, feel free to join our Discord for updates!

Media featuring Intervallic

8/15/2022 The Garage